You might be surprised by the affordability of GreenPower.

Many businesses find that their electricity plan is outdated and that they can actually cut costs by changing their plan. The new plan, combined with the GreenPower component (5-8 c/kWh), which can be offset as energy efficiency, means overall there is no added cost incurred. In fact, businesses often end up saving money off their electricity bills. For example, Unipod is projected to have saved $21,000 annually by switching to a new energy plan, including 10% GreenPower.

If you have a large business (use 160MWh per annum or more), you can request an online quote to a tender here

Small-to-medium sized businesses (less than 160 MWh per annum) can make the switch through their energy retailer or through a decoupled contract with our GreenPower Providers over the phone or online.

For a cost comparison of different accredited GreenPower Providers and more information on making the switch, click here.


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