GreenPower Works

How GreenPower Works

Clean Energy Regulator: The Clean Energy Regulator is responsible for maintaining the Large Generation Certificate Registry, where all GreenPower approved Large Generation Certificates are surrendered
Certificate between Clean Energy Regulator and GreenPower Provider: The GreenPower provider surrenders the Large Generation Certificates each year and once surrendered these are declared invalid due to surrender and cannot re-enter the electricity market.
GreenPower Provider: The GreenPower Provider is responsible for selling GreenPower to our customers and clearly documenting the sales on the billing information provided to the customer. They are also responsible for meeting the Program Rules and are audited each year to check that this has happened including the surrender of the Large Generation Certificates.
Homes & Businesses: Homes and businesses can choose to purchase a percentage of GreenPower from 10% through to 100%.
Tick between Clean Energy Regulator and National GreenPower Steering Group: The National GreenPower Steering Group organises an annual audit of both the Energy Retailer and their account with the Clean Energy Regulator to ensure that each GreenPower Provider has surrendered the right type and amount of Large Generation Certificates in to the voluntary surrender account
Grid: GreenPower and fossil fuel is mixed in the grid and sent to all the households attached to it. It is therefore not possible to tell if the electrons coming through to your house or business is from one generator or another, but by buying green, you are increasing funding and adding more renewable energy on the grid.
Certificate between GreenPower Provider and GreenPower Generators: The Large Generation Certificates are sold to the GreenPower Provider to meet their annual sales. In 2011 almost 2TWh or 2 million certificates were traded to meet the demand for GreenPower alone.
9% between Grid and Australian Energy Market Operator: 9% of the electricity provided to the grid is renewable (2011), the 9% is made up of 5 – 6 % from pre-existing hydro built in the 1960’s, 2 – 3 % new renewable, which is built post 1997 and used to meet the requirements of the Energy Target and 1% is GreenPower: likewise built 1997 but is additional to the renewable energy target.
91% between Grid and Australian Energy Market Operator: 91% of the electricity provided in Australia is generated from fossil fuel.
National GreenPower Steering Group: The National GreenPower Steering Group governs the GreenPower program and is made up of state government representatives from the voting member states ACT, NSW, Qld, SA, and VIC. The Steering Group is responsible for conducting the annual audit, maintaining and updating the GreenPower website, accreditation of compliance to Program Rules and relevant legislation.
Australian Energy Market Operator: The Australian Energy Market Operator manages the National Electricity Market (NEM), which provides electricity to SA, Vic, Qld, Act, Tas and NSW. AEMO manages the supply and demand and looks after the pricing in the wholesale market.
GreenPower Generators: The GreenPower Generator generates renewable electricity that meets strict environmental requirements and must be built after 1997 a list of all generators is available. One Large Generation Certificate is created each time 1 MWh electricity is generated and exported to the grid.
Fossil Fuel Generators: Fossil Fuel Generators do not form part of the GreenPower scheme, but do export electricity into the same grid that GreenPower goes into.

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