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GreenPower is renewable energy from government accredited sources. Almost all electricity retailers in Australia have a GreenPower Accredited product that lets you purchase between 10 and 100% of your electricity from a renewable source.

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GreenPower Accredited Products are sold by almost all electricity retailers in Australia for your household, business or organisation.
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GreenPower Connect is intended for Power Purchasing Agreements and creates a link between a large customer or a buyers group and a new renewable energy generator.

Benefits of GreenPower

There are many benefits to going green with GreenPower. Your purchase supports Australian renewables, reduces your emissions and increases green business ratings.

Tools and Information

Whether you're a household, a business or an organisation, here's where to find the right GreenPower Product for you.

GreenPower is an investment in the Australian renewable energy industry. It costs a little bit more so that your footprint is a lot less.

GreenPower's event energy usage calculator can help you estimate how much GreenPower you'll need to offset your event with 100% accredited renewable energy.