GreenPowering your business is easy. You don't need to change your electricity supplier or your existing electricity contract and you still get the same reliability of supply.

All you have to do is call your current electricity supplier using the customer service number on your electricity bill and ask to purchase an accredited GreenPower product.

Alternatively, you may want to shop around the other electricity retailers to get the best GreenPower deal for your business' needs, or purchase GreenPower through a decoupled GreenPower Provider. Use the Find a Provider function below to identify the GreenPower Providers in your area (decoupled Providers are marked with a green star).   

Each GreenPower Provider will have their own name for the accredited product they sell, such as ‘GreenLiving’ or ‘GreenEarth’, and have different options for the percentage of GreenPower you can purchase.

If your business purchases more than 160 MWh electricity per annum, you can select suppliers in the table below and fill in a quote request form online. This form is automatically emailed to the GreenPower Providers and Energy Retailers you have selected on your behalf.

For households and small businesses looking to shop around to find the most suitable GreenPower option, the Australian Energy Regulator has created an energy price comparison website to assist in comparing electricity offers (including the GreenPower component) between different providers. The price comparison feature of the Energy Made Easy website is only available in states and territories where the National Energy Retail Law has commenced (as at 1 July 2015 these include ACT, NSW,QLD, SA and TAS). Customers who live in other states or territories not covered in the Energy Made Easy website may be able to access other energy price comparison websites in their respective jurisdiction.

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GreenPower offers your business an easy way to reduce it's greenhouse gas emissions.

Be a part of the solution. Help drive demand for renewable energy today. After you've bought it, tell your work colleagues and employees.

Taking conscious steps to reduce your business' energy usage can help you offset the cost of supporting GreenPower.