Looking to GreenPower your next event? Find the GreenPower Providers in your state or territory below. 

Simply enter which area your event is to be held into the Find a Provider function and it will identify two types of GreenPower Providers that can assist you. 

The first is the energy retailers that provide GreenPower products in your area. If you would like to get your GreenPower through your current, or another listed, electricity retailer you just have to give them a call to set things up. 

The second way is to purchase your GreenPower through a decoupled GreenPower Provider, which are identified by a green star in the Find a Provider function. Decoupled GreenPower Providers do not retail grid electricity to customers, just the portion of GreenPower that a customer wishes to purchase. 

Either way you decide to go, more accredited GreenPower is added to the grid and your event will be using zero emissions electricity.