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Renewable Gas Certification

GreenPower's certification is helping establish a market for renewable gases.


To help establish a voluntary market for renewable gas, GreenPower has developed the Renewable Gas Certification.

This new certification will enable commercial and industrial gas customers to match their gas use with renewable gas certificates. GreenPower will ensure that each certificate represents accredited renewable gas that displaces fossil natural gas in Australia. This directly supports renewable gas projects and allows customers to match their fossil natural gas use with low-emission renewable gas. Projects around Australia can apply to be certified.  

Renewable gas project developers are encouraged to contact GreenPower early in the project design process to discuss how the certification scheme can support them. Projects can now apply to participate here.

Biogas facility

GreenPower’s new certification will help large gas consumers directly support renewable gas projects.
Biogas facility photo

Renewable gases are made from renewable energy sources like agricultural waste, wastewater or renewable electricity and can have significantly lower emissions compared to fossil natural gas.

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