GreenPowering your home is easy. 

Simply phone your electricity company or apply online.

You don’t have to change your electricity supplier, your meter box or your existing electricity contract and you still get the same reliability of supply.

Lady Ok symbol with solar panels

If your electricity supplier does not have the product you’re after, shop around to find the most suitable GreenPower option for your home.

To find the GreenPower Providers in your state or territory use the list below.  

As always, make sure you consider all the fees and costs associated with swapping to another company. Should your circumstances change in the future, most GreenPower contracts can be left without paying a cancellation fee, but always read the fine print or ask your electricity supplier if you are in doubt. 

If you decide your existing electricity retailer does not have a GreenPower product that meets your needs, but you do not want to switch retailers, you can still purchase GreenPower through one of the decoupled GreenPower Providers marked with a green star in the list below. 

Decoupled providers don't supply electricity but deal in the purchase and surrender of Large-scale Generation Certificates. It amounts to the same thing though; the volume of GreenPower you request is added to the grid on your behalf.

Select your State


Choose your preferred GreenPower Percentage

How much you pay will depend on the percentage of GreenPower you nominate to purchase
GreenPower Percentage
GreenPower %
Approximate cost per week
based on annual use of
6470 KWh
Tonnes of Greenhouse
gas saved
Number of cars off the road
p.a. equivalent
$0 to $1.10 0.6 0.16
- - -
- - -
$0 to $1.80 1.2 0.3
$0 to $3.00 1.5 0.4
- - -
- - -
Up to $5.00 3 0.8
Up to $7.50 4.5 1.2
Up to $10.00 5.8 1.6
$18.62 11.6 3.2