GreenPower Connect

Have you ever wanted to say your organisation helped to get a new renewable energy generator off the ground?

With the new GreenPower Connect product you can use your organisation's purchasing power to directly support a new Australian renewable energy project and see the tangible benefits of that support.

Increasingly, purchasers of large volumes of renewable energy, such as businesses, government organisations and buyers groups, are looking to support specific new renewable energy projects by purchasing the Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) through direct contracts with the generator (via offtake agreements).

GreenPower Connect provides a low cost opportunity for direct funders of new large renewable energy projects to have their LGCs  recognised as GreenPower accredited renewable energy.

By doing so organisations are reducing their impact on the environment and are supporting Australia's renewable energy sector. They are also adding more renewables into Australia's grids than would otherwise would be the case because GreenPower purchases are considered additional to the Renewable Energy Target.

Better still, GreenPower Connect customers can reap all the marketing and reporting benefits GreenPower has to offer, such as in increasing their NABERS rating and using the personalised GreenPower Connect customer logo on their marketing materials.

Download the GreenPower Connect Fact Sheet and FAQs to find out more.


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