You can reduce your impact on the environment by displacing your household's electricity usage with accredited renewable energy.

At the same time you'll be supporting Australia's renewable energy generators and the jobs they provide for your fellow Australians.

You'll be reducing your home or apartment's environmental impact because you'll be offsetting your electricity use with renewables that have zero net greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, if you purchase 100% GreenPower for your house you can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by up to a half*.
And the more GreenPower you buy, the more you're supporting renewable energy in Australia.

You can rest assured that the money you invest goes to renewable energy generation because GreenPower is audited by the government.

Here’s a snapshot of the Program and some of the impacts you can have by making the switch.

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* On average around 50% of Australian household emissions stem from electricity use, transport being another major contributor. Estimate derived from published AGO and ABARE statistics.


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